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About Smart Blogger

Who We Are

Launched in 2012, and with over 300k subscribers and 4 million readers, Smart Blogger is one of the world’s largest sites dedicated to writing and blogging.

What We Do

We help people grow their skills so they can escape the rat race, build an online career, and earn as much money as they want.

How We Do It

With one of the most well-known and respected blogs on the web, plus best-in-class courses and training materials taught by a talented team of experienced instructors, Smart Blogger is a go-to resource for writers, bloggers, marketers, and entrepreneurs looking to up their game.

And our founder, Jon Morrow, has an incredible personal story.

Jon has a type of muscular dystrophy called Spinal Muscular Atrophy that has, over the years, slowly stolen his ability to move anything but his face.

And yet, using a microphone and speech recognition software, he became one of the top writers online, started multiple successful companies, and impressed some of the world’s biggest influencers.

“Hiring Jon to help us launch the KISSmetrics blog is one of the smartest decisions I’ve ever made.”

Neil Patel

CEO at Neil Patel Digital

“Jon is a traffic genius. If he releases what he knows to the public, something tells me the traffic on the web is about to spike.”

Brian Clark

Founder of Copyblogger

“Jon is the embodiment of courage.”

Tony Robbins

Author, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist

“There are very few times in my life that I am so incredibly grateful to meet someone. And meeting Jon was definitely one of those top 10 moments for me.”

James Altucher

Podcaster, Author

You can learn more about Jon’s story here, here, here, and here.

But here’s the thing:

This site isn’t about Jon.

It’s about you, where you’re heading, and how we can help you get there faster.

Case in point…

Our Students Have Gone On To Do Some Great Things

Smart Blogger students have gone on to join companies like Ahrefs, Sumo, QuickBooks, Intuit, Oberlo, Mirasee, and ConversionXL. They’ve launched their own businesses. They’ve published Amazon bestsellers and written for Copyblogger, Forbes, Entrepreneur, Live Your Message, and dozens of other well-known sites.

And many of them happily credit Smart Blogger for helping them on their journey.

“I attribute my early success to Jon’s training, and I’m forever grateful for his friendship and wisdom.”

Tommy Walker

Former Editor-in-Chief at Shopify

“The training I received from Jon, Kevin, and the Smart Blogger team was life-changing. I wouldn’t be where I am today without it.”

Tamara Toles

Editor-in-Chief at Xperiencify

Meet the Team

Smart Blogger is much more than just this website. It’s a thriving business run by one of the best virtual teams on the planet — brilliant talent from literally all over the globe.

Jon Morrow

CEO, Writer Extraordinaire, and Badass Visionary

Austin, Texas (US)

Jon’s viral posts have been read and shared by millions, but it took three failed blogs before he found the keys to blogging success and created a multi-million dollar company.

After traveling around the world, he settled down in Austin Texas with his golden retriever, Winston.

Fun Fact: Jon developed an addiction to guacamole when he lived in Mexico, and won’t go a day without an avocado gracing his plate.

Jon Morrow
Kevin J. Duncan

Kevin J. Duncan

Chief Content Officer (aka Editor-in-Chief)

Georgia (US)

A project manager by day and blogger by night, Kevin’s dream was to quit the rat race and blog full-time. In 2019, that dream became a reality when Jon invited him to join Smart Blogger as our Editor-in-Chief.

Blessed with a loving wife and three beautiful daughters, Kevin gets to hear their squeals and giggles as he works from his home office doing what he loves: connecting with readers, changing lives, and running the biggest, baddest blog on the planet.

Fun Fact: While going to school to earn his graduate degree, Kevin worked as a teacher. As he likes to say, “Nothing will cure your fear of public speaking quite like standing in front of a room full of teenagers who wish you would shut up.”

Jenn Arman

Business Operations Manager

Los Angeles, California (US)

One of the two helpful, friendly voices behind Smart Blogger’s help desk and chat, Jenn easily relates to blogging woes after struggling with several failed blogs. Behind the scenes, Jenn handles all the complex business details to make sure we don’t pilot the company into a mountain because we’re so focused on #AllTheStudents.

She credits 20 years of retail work with honing her customer skills.

Fun Fact: A secret animal whisperer, Jenn says she’s yet to meet an animal she couldn’t make friends with. Her resident kitties agree.

Jenn Arman
Tim Gary

Tim Gary

Tech Wizard

Reno, Nevada (US)

Smart Blogger’s WordPress and integration guru, Tim’s been programming computers since the late ‘70s — think hunky boxes with switches and blinking lights a la “War Games” — and the dark, pre-Internet ages.

He was involved with several medical-lab testing startups and developed a program to correlate medical research data to lab results. He joined up with Jon and Marsha as the company’s tech needs grew.

Fun Fact: Tim loves working from home with his two Persian kitties, Koa and Kai, when he isn’t working from exotic locales like Panama and Hawaii because of his favorite hobby — playing the award/points/miles “game” with credit cards, airlines, and hotels.

Pat Blakely

Product Manager

Miramichi, New Brunswick (CA)

Pat’s legend begins in 2021 when he joined Smart Blogger as the AWW, the Assistant Word Wizard (that’s a “blog editor” for you normal folks). As the AWW (pronounced aww, as in aww yeah, or awesome), he wrangled freelance writers, conjured spellbinding content, and increased company razzle-dazzle by at least 150%.

A year later, he leveled up to Product Archmage and is now responsible for fulfillment and student success — or as we call it, “making the magic happen and changing lives.”

Fun Fact: Pat’s love for productivity is outpaced only by his love for potatoes.

Pat Blakely
Jai Levey

Jai Levey

Customer Support Specialist

Melbourne, Victoria (AU)

Jai is a long-time moderator turned Smart Blogger customer support specialist. He’s also a gaming enthusiast.

When asked to describe what he does, Jai responded: “He who does (support) tickets.”

Fun Fact: Jai’s dog, Luka, considers himself the guard of the house. His cat, Aussie, disagrees.

Sarah C.

Course Wrangler

California (US)

Sarah is the product team helper with many hats. She loves working behind the scenes with the Smart Blogger product team to make everything run smoothly for students.

Sarah often calls on skills learned from her previous lives as a musician, writing coach, blogger, and English tutor in her current role as Smart Blogger stagehand.

Fun Fact: Sarah’s most interesting pets included a couple of walking sticks (the insect kind, not the inanimate kind), a canary named Houdini (who earned his name), and a crayfish named Killer (who also earned his name).

Sarah C

Meghan Cox

Automation Unicorn

Maine (US)

Meghan helps both the product and marketing teams to automate tasks that have been previously done manually.

She enjoys finding ways to help the teams free up time so that there is more time to connect to Smart Blogger readers and students.

Fun Fact: Meghan’s house is a bit of a zoo. Her family currently has 6 dogs, 8 cats, 2 guinea pigs, a beta fish, and 3 ant farms.

Angela Smith

Administrative Coordinator

Texas (US)

Angela is a former certified criminal law paralegal who now wrangles writers instead of prosecutors and loves helping others fulfill their dream. She discovered Jon before Smart Blogger existed when she was trying to learn blogging in her spare time.

Angela helps the sales department with #allthethings and enjoys working with some of the most talented people on the planet.

Fun Fact: Angela is married to her high school sweetheart and, years ago during senior year, was voted most likely to publish a novel because she always hid her fiction books to read behind textbooks during class. She went on to publish eight fiction novels until she decided she’d rather work for and with writers than actually write.

Kyle Chastain

Course Meistro

North Carolina (US)

Kyle joined Smart Blogger in 2022, after being a long-time blog reader and student. When he started as a Course Creator, he actually got to finish creating the course he’d been taking before coming aboard.

After spending several years in the banking world, Kyle ditched the tie, button-down, and grumpy clients to work from home in whatever he pleases. Needless to say, he doesn’t miss commuting or working in an office every day (or the grumpy clients). He has two small boys, and as much as he loves working at Smart Blogger, his favorite job is being a dad. He’s been happily married to his wife for over a decade, and they live just outside Charlotte, NC.

Fun Fact: Kyle is left-handed, which all the right-handed people find fascinating. Apparently, the world was made for right-handed people.