12 Best Sites for Email Templates (Both Free & Responsive)

by Maureen Abour


Let’s face it: it’s time consuming to create custom email templates from scratch. 

There are so many details and technical elements to consider. You know you need to take this next step but you have no idea where to start.

I remember my first foray into email marketing. It was so confusing and frustrating.

I don’t want that for you.

To save you the stress and headache, we combed through the internet’s offerings to bring you the best sites for beautiful, customizable, free email templates.  

The trickier parts have been worked out for you. With just a few clicks, you’ll improve your marketing by sending off stunning, responsive emails.

Sounds good?

Let’s dive in.

Where To Find the Best Email Templates to Enhance Your Digital Marketing Strategy

No one template will work for everyone.

It depends on a variety of factors, from your industry, to your audience’s needs and values, to your budget.

But all good email templates should:

  • Save you time
  • Encourage brand consistency
  • Allow for easy personalization
  • Be fully responsive

This list allows for all that and more! So if you’re psyched to level up, here are the 12 best sites for responsive and free email templates…

1. Canva

canva email templates screenshot

Yes, you read that right.

Canva isn’t just a design and publishing tool — it’s also a marketing platform. 

Do you need a responsive newsletter template? They offer dozens of highly engaging, contemporary ones. The platform’s easy-to-use interface and extensive customization options allow you to create your email campaign with a few clicks.

All you need is a free account to access their responsive email template gallery. 

Once logged in, the steps are simple: choose your favorite template, edit, save, and share with your audience!

Share directly through Canva or through professional email marketing services like MailerLite or ConvertKit.

2. MailChimp

mailchimp email templates screenshot

Maybe you’ve tried MailChimp before.

It’s a beginner-friendly, all-in-one marketing platform with a great template builder. It has all the essentials you need to get started.

With their drag-and-drop system, you can create visually appealing and highly effective emails in minutes.

But by far the most unique feature is their Creative Assistant. It uses AI to learn your brand and build a brand kit. When you start a new project, it will use design best practices to create something beautiful and brand consistent.

You still have the ability to tweak the email design but you save time you would’ve spent on the initial creation. Isn’t that great?

Note, you need MailChimp’s Standard plan ($20/month) to access their Creative Assistant. That sounds like money well spent to me!

3. Stripo

stripo email templates screenshot

Stripo features 1250+ free email templates across a wide range of industries, allowing you to effortlessly build flawless newsletters in moments.

Looking for a specific template? You can choose from a cold email, e-commerce email, transactional email, welcome email, and more!

Customization is a breeze. Want to incorporate pre-made additional content to increase conversions? Stripo has you covered with their flexible system that supports everything from GIFs to countdown timers to image rollover effects.

And the fact that you can export your templates to 70+ email marketing providers (EMPs) is just mind-blowing.

4. BEE

bee email templates screenshot

Not only does BEE boast a drag-and-drop HTML email editor, they also have a landing page builder. If that’s something your business needs, this is the place to be! *wink wink*

Want to know the best part? No coding skills are required.

Plus their streamlined template organization system makes it easy to locate your existing files — whenever you need them.

With BEE Pro, it’s even easier — just a single click, and you can instantly send your responsive email template through many email marketing platforms, including Brevo, Klaviyo, and many more.

5. Litmus

litmus email templates screenshot

Litmus offers a collection of 60+ free email templates, from account management to product launch and update templates.

Their interface is very user-friendly and allows you to quickly customize templates to your preference. You can even create brand new campaigns from scratch with the necessary HTML content. 

Litmus provides testing services to companies. You can rest assured their templates will display well across all email service providers. That’ll save you some valuable time.

Yet, if you’re just starting out, Litmus might not be the best fit for you. They don’t have a free account option, only a free 7-day trial. 

6. Campaign Monitor

campaign monitor email templates screenshot

Another source for captivating, free email templates is Campaign Monitor.

With an impressive variety, it only takes a click of a button to design a beautiful and responsive email.

Their seamless integration with Unsplash also makes it easy to find suitable images without having to switch windows.

Even better? Campaign Monitor seamlessly connects your email marketing campaign to your website or CRM, effortlessly improving the experience for you and your audience.

7. Constant Contact

constant contact email templates screenshot

If you need to drum up donations or connect with your community as a nonprofit, then Constant Contact is the newsletter tool for you.

They offer hundreds of templates so you can choose the best ones for your niche or network.

Their email tracking software is outstanding — you can see when your emails are sent, delivered, opened, or shared. 

Other awesome features include text message marketing tools and sign-up forms for effective communication.

Start with their free trial. Down the road, choose the plan that fits your needs and your budget.

8. 99Designs

99 designs email templates screenshot

99designs offers 40+ responsive email templates, accessible after you enroll for their free newsletter.

The professionally-designed templates are fully compatible with different email clients, making it a lot easier to successfully execute a targeted campaign.

While customization of the existing email templates is more limited here, this is a great place to come if you need to build a brand kit.

99Designs is a platform where freelance designers are matched with a customer. The platform evaluates every designer who applies and assigns them one of three designer levels: entry, mid, and top.

Consider this a one-stop shop for all your logo, product, website, and email template design needs!


mjml email templates screenshot

As an HTML email designer, MJML allows you to preview your HTML email template and code in real-time, making it easy to add or delete unnecessary elements.

They have 19+ beautifully designed, free email templates, all of which are fully mobile responsive and customizable to suit your campaign needs.

Once you’re done editing, copy and paste the code into the HTML editor of your preferred email marketing service. 

Voila! Your template is ready to go. 

10. MailBakery

mailbakery email templates screenshot

MailBakery is an all-in-one email marketing design agency with 50+ mobile-friendly email templates. They span a variety of industries, including restaurants, real estate, fashion, e-commerce stores, and nonprofits.

These templates are not free, but the level of support — both design and technical — that MailBakery offers is unparalleled.

Their templates can be customized to your needs. They can build you an original template. Their templates have been tested on over 40 screens and devices. 

They will even handle integration with your preferred email service provider! 

Analyze your budgets — monetary and time — and see if this is a good fit for you.

11. Dyspatch

dyspatch email templates screenshot

Dyspatch is a no-code email creator and visual editor with 11+ open-source email templates.

Dyspatch’s Annotated Comments and Streamlined Workflows features make collaboration easy, especially if you work with a team.

Chat right in the email template itself rather than a lengthy email chain where context might get blurry. This will lead to higher-quality emails and a better user experience.

But do you know what’s most fascinating about this platform? 

The loading speed of their emails. 

You’ll notice templates designed on Dyspatch load faster than traditional emails, thanks to their mobile-first approach.

I know it doesn’t sound like much, but in this age of instant gratification and short attention spans, every second really counts!

12. Flodesk

flodesk email templates screenshot

Flodesk is a rapidly rising star among intuitive email marketing service providers. They primarily cater to small and mid-size businesses.

With 3,000+ unique templates and designs, their builder allows you to quickly create branded emails that are guaranteed to wow your audience. 

Additionally, Flodesk offers 100+ fonts you can use for your email copies and signature sign-off. Customize to your heart’s content!

Flodesk doesn’t have account tiers. Instead, you choose the services you need (email, checkout, etc.) and you only pay for those services. Check them out with their free trial.

Amazing Email Templates Are Waiting for You

And now you know where to find them.

It’s easier than ever before for you to create beautiful email templates that always wow your audience.

Without all the headaches from before. Isn’t that lovely?

So test out a few. See which one fits you and your budget best.

Then get out there and jumpstart your email marketing campaign!

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Maureen Abour

Maureen Abuor is a SmartBlogger certified Content Marketer and SEO Strategist. She enjoys parenting stuff but generally writes on a vast range of topics.


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Photo of author

Written by Maureen Abour

Maureen Abuor is a SmartBlogger certified Content Marketer and SEO Strategist. She enjoys parenting stuff but generally writes on a vast range of topics.

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