10 Great Sites for Finding Blogging Jobs (Even as a Beginner)

by Tiffany Lewis


Looking for blogging jobs?

Want to make money writing but not sure where to find the best gigs?

Maybe you want the flexibility to work from home part-time as a freelancer so you can care for your family. Or you’re ready to turn your love of writing into a full-time profitable career.

Whatever your reasons, you know that plenty of bloggers are living the dream and making good money.

So, where do you find these opportunities?

Luckily, there are PLENTY of high-quality paid blogging gigs. You just need to know where to look.

What Are Blogging Jobs?

A paid blogging job is an opportunity to create knock-out content for someone else’s blog while:

Your main focus is blog writing. And you’re typically only responsible for the SEO content and not other aspects of their digital marketing strategy.

The 10 Best Sites for Blogging Jobs

Check out these 10 sites for finding high-quality blogging jobs, including opportunities for beginners.

1. ProBlogger

blogging jobs problogger

ProBlogger is a well-known, highly-respected site in the blogging world. It houses what is probably the largest job board for internet writers that you’ll find anywhere.

The best part?

The vast majority of the listings are for blogging jobs.

Listings may hail from all over the world, but many posters will hire writers located anywhere.

Consider time zone differences and your schedule if your dream gig happens to originate from outside your area.

ProBlogger adds new freelancing jobs daily and lets you create email alerts using specific keywords. The full site, including its library of resources, is free to access.

2. BloggingPro

blogging jobs bloggingpro

BloggingPro is another major player in the freelance blogging space. It hosts tons of resources, including a full section devoted to WordPress tips.

The job board shows listings for seven different types of writing jobs. Use the “choose a category” box to narrow your search down to jobs in your specific wheelhouse. The list of blogging jobs will be short, so try “content writing” and “miscellaneous” for related jobs.

Since you can’t set email alerts, check back regularly for updates. New jobs post a few times weekly, and the site’s free to use.

3. LinkedIn

blogging jobs linkedin

LinkedIn helps professionals build their networks, but it’s also a great place to find work. Your profile page acts as a resume, portfolio, and business card all rolled into one.

Freelancers find writing jobs on LinkedIn using various methods:

  • Tap Into Your Existing Network: Import your personal and work contacts and ask to connect with them through the platform. Then they can easily share your profile or introduce you to their contacts.
  • Grow Your Network: Connect with influencers, editors, and other content writers in your niche that you admire. Cite mutual interests or your professional interest in their work when sending each request. If they accept, build rapport with them over time. You may find yourself on the short-list for a job or guest post opportunity down the line.
  • Follow Pages: Follow company pages and blogs that you hope to write for in the future. Engage with them via comments, reactions, and shares. Keep your eyes peeled for any mentions of hiring and contribute where you’re able in the meantime.
  • Follow Hashtags: Follow hashtags such as #hiringwriters, #bloggerswanted, and #writeforus to find job opportunities. A convenient list of your hashtags appears to the left of your homepage for easy access.
  • Search the Job Board: Your search results highlight job listings that might be a good fit based on your profile. Set up daily email alerts for new jobs that match your skill set and preferences.

LinkedIn is free to use but requires signup for access to their site.

4. FlexJobs

blogging jobs flexjobs

FlexJobs helps job seekers find flexible and remote work opportunities. It boasts a huge library of resources walking you through every aspect of the job search process.

The large, heavily-vetted job board features search filters for nearly every criterion possible. You’ll need them to narrow down the wide range of writing jobs. A daily email alert shows you new listings based on your saved searches and companies.

Anyone can preview the job board for free, but only paid members gain access to company information and how to apply.

Payment options are $6.95 weekly, $14.95 monthly, $29.95 tri-monthly, or $49.95 annually (worth it if you land one writing gig).

5. Freelance Writing Jobs

blogging jobs freelance writing jobs

Freelance Writing Jobs (FWJ) curates jobs from all over the web and across multiple job boards.

You can conduct your search in two ways:

  1. Click on “Writing Gigs” in the menu bar at the top of the page. This takes you to a page of posts titled by date. Click on the most recent post for a list of all the latest jobs, organized by writing category (content marketing, blogging, copywriting, etc.). A new post with fresh jobs publishes each weekday.
  2. Click on “Freelance Writing Job Board” in the second menu bar from the top of the page. The job board, updated daily, allows you to see all jobs posted across various dates. Filter these listings by keyword, location, and writing category.

You can’t set email alerts on FWJ, so check back regularly for new listings.

FWJ is free to use and doesn’t require signup.

6. Indeed

blogging jobs indeed

Indeed is one of the largest overall job boards online. It posts thousands of new jobs daily across various industries.

A keyword search for “blogging jobs” will narrow down your options considerably. Narrow your search further using various criteria, including experience level.

Your searches save automatically and appear on the homepage each time you revisit the site. Each listed search links to new relevant jobs added since your last visit.

Set up email alerts for new job listings.

The site is free to use and requires no signup. Although, with a free account you can create or upload a resume.

7. SimplyHired

blogging jobs simplyhired

SimplyHired is another large, well-known job board with new job postings daily. This site stands out by showing the estimated pay rates for each job right in the search results.

You’ll find few search filters on SimplyHired, but a keyword search will pull up a short-list of writing gigs.

Your searches save automatically and appear on the homepage each time you revisit the site. Like Indeed, the saved searches link to relevant new listings.

You can’t set up email alerts, so check back often for updates.

The site is free to use, and you can create or upload a resume when you sign up for a free account.

8. Freelance Writers Den

blogging jobs freelance writers den

Freelance Writers Den is an exclusive online community for writers of all levels. It helps freelancers polish their craft and grow their clientele while supported by experts and peers.

Community members receive full access to extensive career training resources, along with a well-vetted, junk-free job board that’s updated twice weekly.

Members pay $25/month and can cancel anytime. But the Den opens to the public only twice per year.

Sign up for the waitlist to be notified when they start accepting new members.

9. Twitter

blogging jobs twitter

Leveraging Twitter helps you find blogging jobs in a few different ways:

  • Introduce: Craft your bio to present yourself as a professional freelance blogger seeking projects. Highlight your niche(s), @ mention sites you’re associated with or that you’ve previously written for, and add a link to your website or writer profile.
  • Search: Enter phrases like “writer wanted,” “write for us,” “blogging job,” etc. into the search box to find job posts.
  • Follow: Follow your favorite influencers, freelance writers, editors, and blogs. Position yourself as helpful and knowledgeable when you interact. Then keep your eyes peeled for any tweets related to hiring.
  • Hashtag: Hashtags like #bloggingjobs, #writerswanted, and #hiringwriters link to job listings.

Learn more here about using Twitter and other social media sites to land blog jobs.

10. Google

blogging jobs google

Even handy-dandy Google can help you find blogging jobs.

Search “top [topic] blogs” to find lists of the most popular blogs in your chosen niche. Then check individual blog sites for a “write for us” or “employment opportunities” page.

Search a phrase like “[topic] + write for us” for results from various sites showing blogger jobs for a particular niche. This search also unearths any guest post opportunities in that niche.

Guest posting can open many doors, including offers for future assignments or ongoing work.

Great Blogging Jobs Are Within Your Reach

Ready to enjoy the flexibility and freedom that a freelance blogging job will give you?

Use this list as your guide to finding high-quality job offers.

Jobs that will help you improve your skills, gain writing experience, and explore different niches, all while paying your bills.

But you have to take action if you want to start living the dream as a professional blogger.

Don’t hesitate. Update your LinkedIn profile. Set email alerts for each job listing that allows it. And apply to at least three listings today.

Your goals are within reach. It’s time to grab them!

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Tiffany Lewis

Tiffany Lewis is a SmartBlogger-certified Content Marketer and budding freelance writer. She writes about Faith, Family, Furbabies, and Wellness. Yes, the broken alliteration in that sentence bothers her. Find her on LinkedIn.


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Photo of author

Written by Tiffany Lewis

Tiffany Lewis is a SmartBlogger-certified Content Marketer and budding freelance writer. She writes about Faith, Family, Furbabies, and Wellness. Yes, the broken alliteration in that sentence bothers her. Find her on LinkedIn.

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