Email Subject Lines: 50+ Examples (& Tips) to Get More Clicks

by Jason Shea


Struggling to create email subject lines that compel recipients to click through?

Maybe one or two opens here and there. But overall, all those hours invested and… nothing.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to create an inbox full of email open notifications because of stellar email marketing?

Imagine crafting up subject lines that invoke an irresistible desire to click left in your email campaign. 

Well, our post is here to help. 

We’ll take your hand and guide you so you’ll be able to create stellar email subject lines.

So, brush aside the tumbleweed, clear some space in your inbox, and let’s get started!

Your Email Subject Line Will Make or Break Your Email

The email subject line length is a 27-73 character (depending on the email browser) preview of the email’s content

Think of it as the ten-second teaser spot for a 2-hour movie. It provides a glimpse of what to expect.

According to’s analysis of over 65 million emails and their email open rate, 47% of cold emails are opened based on the subject line alone. 

A good subject line taps into the behavior driver known as FOMO (Fear of Missing Out), while bad ones create a sense of MOMO (Mystery of Missing Out).

For example, “Email subject lines that helped Jon Morrow sell 10,000 copies of his book” would be worth opening. 

Whereas “ACT FAST OR YOU ARE GOING TO MISS OUT 😡” raises a few red flags.

To avoid your email subject line raising red flags, let’s look at ways to ensure that your email recipient reads your subject line and opens your email.

What are the Best Practices for Writing Email Subject Lines?

person working at a desk

Seth Godin has said, “Why waste a sentence saying nothing.”

Here’s a checklist to ensure you say “something” and improve your open rates… 

Grab Attention

With the number of emails sent daily, those that grab the recipient’s attention will most likely be opened.

For example:

“Boost Your Bottom-line with this One Proven Technique by 50%” is more likely to entice your email recipient to open your email than an email subject line that simply says “Quick Question”.

The second email subject line is too vague, and who has time to read an email that can mean anything? 

Keep It Concise

MIT researchers found we can process information in as little as 13 milliseconds

That’s pretty quick.

We decipher and decide an email’s fate in less time than the blink of an eye. Keep your subject lines concise and to the point.  

Be Specific and Relevant

If your audience is blog writers, give them the best blog-writing info

If it’s a vegetarian blog, don’t send them the latest Sous Vide Steak recipes.

Irrelevant or wishy-washy information is a surefire way to get deleted.

Personalize When Possible

Research on over 7 billion emails found that personalizing email subject lines can increase open rates by roughly 50%

Take a moment and add that extra personal touch. It’ll pay off in the long run. 

Create a Sense of Urgency

Retail outfits have mastered this strategy. 

They make you feel like Jack Bauer in an episode of “24”. 

Action requiredUrgent responsePlease respond immediately. 

Black Friday ads are known to elicit this response in their email prospects.

So, follow their lead and create some urgency. 

Avoid Spam Triggers

Deemed malicious or fraudulent, spam triggers are words or phrases that guarantee a trip to the spam folder.  

Meet singles. Earn extra cash. Check order status

Stay clear of false promises, exaggerated claims, and risque material. 

Segment Your Audience

No blast emails here. 

Instead, segment your audience based on likes, interests, behaviors, and demographics.

Then provide them with relevant materials accordingly. 

Conduct A/B Testing

How do you know what’s working and what’s not?

A/B split testing.

Send out two different subject line versions to two separate groups of your subscriber list. 

The one that gets the highest open rate is the one you’ll use.

To see how these best practices work, the following examples and tips will guide you to crafting your own stellar email subject lines.

56 Best Email Subject Lines (& Tips) That’ll Increase Open Rates

Boosting open rates is the goal here. Let’s delve into 50+ subject line examples that’ll have your recipients anxiously anticipating what’s on the other side!  

Cold Email Subject Lines to Attract Prospects

“Ugh, another unsolicited email!.” 

There is a day of the week and time of day, such as Thursday at 10 a.m., when emails are more likely to be opened by recipients.

Besides this, what else can you do to increase engagement and write a captivating cold email subject line?

Follow these tips and see how your email subject lines lead to open clicks:

  • Personalize your email by adding a name or relevant interests.
  • Highlight the benefit by sharing success stories. 
  • Keep it concise and focused. Lengthy diatribes will have your prospects hitting delete.

Tempt Your Prospects with These Email Subject Lines

  1. Free Resource: [Valuable Guide/Toolkit] for [Prospect’s Challenge]
  2. Quick Question [Prospect’s Name] 
  3. 5 Quick Tips to Improve [Need] Today
  4. Your Competitors’ Don’t Want You to Read This…
  5. Are you Tired of Struggling With [Pain Point]
  6. Can I Get Your Feedback On…
  7. We’ve Studied the Best [Experts]. Here’s What We Found. 
  8. Remove the Guesswork From [Need]

Sales Email Subject Lines to Entice Potential Customers

To entice potential customers to open your sales email, ensure that you:

  • Focus on results or success by telling a story or providing supportive numbers. 
  • Mention social proof or testimonies to provide a level of comfort. 
  • Offer a free resource or trial. Make it worth their while to left-click your email.

Motivate Potential Customers With These Enticing Examples

  1. Save Time and Money with [Product/Service]
  2. Shh…Top Secret Strategy Revealed
  3. We Have Incredible News for You
  4. What if We Told You…
  5. I Usually Don’t Do This…
  6. Your Personal Invitation to Our New [Product/Service]
  7. New Post: How To Be a Better [Customer Interest]
  8. We Could Use Your Help

Networking Email Subject Lines to Use to Reach Out to Business Associates

Whether it be connecting or reconnecting, networking email subject lines need to:

  • Offer value or benefits. Think, why would this person want to connect with me?
  • Express genuine interest. Don’t burn a bridge and waste somebody’s time.
  • Request a conversation or meeting to further the dialogue and grow your professional relationship. 

Networking Subject Lines to Add to Your Rolodex

  1. Coffee, Tea, or Bold Business Venture? Let’s Decide.
  2. I’d Love to Learn More About Any Opportunities You Have at [Company Name]
  3. Hi [Recipient’s Name], Let’s Connect to Discuss [Common Interest]
  4. I Have a Few Insights For You Regarding [Service].
  5. Schedule a [Product] Demo [Date]?
  6. I Love What You’re Doing. Can I Get Your Advice on [Topic]?
  7. I Am Interested in Learning More About [Product] 
  8. Do You Have Time For a Brain-Picking Session? 

Personalized Subject Lines to Snag Email Recipients

Image of Gmail Inbox to read emails

Make them feel like more than a blast recipient with these tips to write a personalized subject line:

Increase Your Snag Rates With These Personalized Subject Lines 

  1. [Recipient’s Name], I Noticed Your Expertise in [Specific Area]
  2. [Recipient’s Name], Here’s 5 Tips to Increase [Specific Goal]
  3. Inside Scoop: [Recipient’s Industry] Secrets Revealed
  4. [Recipient’s Name], Check Out Our Newest [Product]
  5. [Recipient Name], I Recently Read Your Blog Post on [Topic]
  6. A Free [Recipient’s Industry] Guide Just For You [Recipient’s Name]
  7. How Satisfied Are You With [Company’s] Services?
  8. [Recipient’s Name] We Know You’ll Enjoy This [Product/Service]

Catchy Email Subject Lines to Spark Curiosity & Urgency

Curiosity and urgency work together to create FOMO (Fear of Missing Out). To elicit this behavior driver and write a catchy email subject line:

  • Ask a compelling question: Is breakfast the most important meal of the day?
  • Give’em some numbers and statistics they haven’t seen. The largest broccoli ever found was 35 lbs (for you broccoli lovers out there).  
  • Tease them with a sneak peek or preview that evokes their need to learn more.  

The Clock is Ticking on These 8 Subject Line Examples

  1. Open Immediately: Your Key to [Specific Benefit]
  2. Researchers Just Discovered the Link Between..
  3. Elon Musk Just Shared His Top [Number] [Relevant Tips]
  4. You Won’t Believe What We Discovered…
  5. Something Weird is Going on With…
  6. Unlock Your Potential – Limited Time Opportunity
  7. New Research: The Most Important [Benefits] of [Desired Goal] 
  8. Time is Running Out: Free Live Class Ends in…

Follow-Up Email Subject Lines That Lead to Connections

Show them the interaction mattered to you. In your follow up email:

  • Refer to the previous interaction to minimize phishing concerns and maximize comfort level. 
  • Mention shared interest or common groundPropinquity, or physical and psychological closeness, promotes familiarity, connectedness, and trust.  
  • Offer additional resources or insights and earn a reputation as a strong value provider. 

Email Subject Line Examples that Will Keep You Connected

  1. Action Items from Our Recent Discussion
  2. From Small Talk to Big Opportunities: Here’s What’s Next
  3. Important Reminder
  4. Following Up to Continue the Conversation 
  5. It Was Great Meeting You. Let’s Connect Further.
  6. [Recipient’s Name], Thank You For Your Time. Let’s Talk More.
  7. Feedback and Insights From Our Conversation 
  8. Still Interested in Hearing More About Our [Product/Services]? 

Email Marketing Subject Lines That Hook Social Media Users

As of 2023, over 4.9 billion people use social media. To take advantage of this enormous audience of subscribers and boost your email list:

  • Incorporate social media references to take advantage of familiarity and build trust.   
  • Highlight exclusive content or offers as rewards for following you on social media. 
  • Focus on trending topics to increase relevancy and rapport. 

Turn Followers Into Faithful Customers With These Email Marketing Subject Line Examples

  1. Grow Your Social Media Following: Tried and Tested Methods
  2. Social Media Magic: How to Turn Likes into Conversions
  3. Boost Engagement with These 5 Social Media Hooks
  4. LinkedIn or Instagram: Which is Better To Convert Clicks to Customers?
  5. What Would You Like To See More of On Our [Social Media] Page
  6. We’re Giving Away [Prize]. Respond To This Email To Register
  7. Did You Hear? The Most Effective Social Media Marketing Platform Is…
  8. Step-By-Step Strategy To Drive Social Media Followers To Your Blog

We showed you the best practices, tips, and examples for you to craft winning email subject lines that increase your engagement rates. Now it’s time to practice and find which ones engage your target audience.

Email Subject Lines Are All About Your Target Audience

“Bait without a hook is simply just food,” explains social media strategist John Hayes. 

The same goes for your emails.

Remember, your goal here is not to get to your recipient’s inbox. It’s to give your readers something worthwhile that compels them to click-through. 

It’s time to put the tips, tools, and templates you’ve learned to the test. 

Now, get out there and bait your hook. Cast your line and finally catch some clicks and see a boost in your response rate. 

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Certified in SEO Strategy, Content Marketing, and Blog Editing, Jason Shea specializes in content creation across a variety of industries. With a background in health & wellness, public speaking, sales, newspaper columnist, and more, he is always on the lookout for new ways to challenge his comfort zone.


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Written by Jason Shea

Certified in SEO Strategy, Content Marketing, and Blog Editing, Jason Shea specializes in content creation across a variety of industries. With a background in health & wellness, public speaking, sales, newspaper columnist, and more, he is always on the lookout for new ways to challenge his comfort zone.

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